Brief History of College

Govt.College of Fine Arts, Thrissur marks one more glorious year in its history. There are many outstanding Indian artists who have emerged from Kerala. Art institutions in Kerala have been very instrumental in the lives of many of them. This institution also has a pride of place among them. More than hundred years of existence has given unique character to this institution in the history of art institutions in India. As a graduate level art college, we initiate young minds to work with the world and make a life in their own terms, as artists. That includes the systematic imparting of professional skills to make a living also. Our students pick up the fundamentals of art practice from here and grow by themselves around the world. As a Technical Commercial Industrial School, it was in 1910 that this institution started functioning. At that time, art education was basically an industrial training in order to produce skilled craftsmen and related vocational labors. During the second world war, this was renamed as ‘Trade School’. From 1943 to 1975, this institution was known as Govt.Occupational Institute. The fundamental shift from a vocational labor towards a more aesthetic ‘Fine Arts’ orientation occurred when this was upgraded as Govt.Institute of Fine Arts, in 1975. This was also about a raise and shift in the status of ‘artist’ in the modern sense of the term. In 1988 the title called National Diploma offered by this institute for its five year course, gave training in Painting, Sculpture and Applied Art. In 2000, the status of this institute was raised and it started offering four year degree courses in these three departments.