Govt.College of Fine Arts, Thrissur marks one more glorious year in its history. There are many outstanding Indian artists who have emerged from Kerala. Art institutions in Kerala have been very instrumental in the lives of many of them. This institution also has a pride of place among them.

More than hundred years of existence has given unique character to this institution in the history of art institutions in India. As a graduate level art college, we initiate young minds to work with the world and make a life in their own terms, as artists.

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Government College Of Fine Arts, Thrissur is a refulgent mark of the essence. From the year 1910, the college aims to deliver a prospect of the best education that has found the practical roots too.

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The college has built up a special platform for aspiring artists and sculptors. It has brought about a change in the entire field of education which has become synonymous with a certain set of courses.

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The First International Kala Mela provides an open forum to all the creative artists of the country and abroad. The Mela will serve as a meeting ground for various styles, Schools of art, works for young

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